Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Cute first graders make cute piping plover models. First-graders at May Howard Elementary in Savannah, Georgia made model piping plovers for science class. That's like cute-squared. I love that their plovers come with facts attached ribbons or strings. Now if only actual piping plovers could tell us about themselves and why they matter, we'd be all set.

Yes, I know I haven't updated in ages. Have hardly seen a bird in months. Too much stuff with Nancy's parents. No time for birds or blogging. We did take a weekend off from the outlaws so we could attend the Volunteer Appreciation Day, which is always fun. The best part for me was getting to sit and chat with Bob -- we rarely see each other during actual plover wardening shifts and I don't volunteer at the cat shelter anymore so Bob is like this disembodied voice on the radio to me most of the time. Anyway, we had a whole little clique of plover-lover/cat-lover overlap with Karen and Nyna also there. I'm sure the refuge staff got to wondering why they were overhearing discussion of spay-neuter clinics ... The whole Volunteer Appreciation Day thing was much more focused on pepperweed pullers and visitor center/gatehouse volunteers this year anyway.

The other night I dreamed that Unit 11 was organizing volunteers to remove tiny invasive fir trees that were taking over the refuge. They were very small but looked sort of like Douglas firs and there were tons of them. If tiny fir trees could fly they would have looked like a flock of starlings or maybe a swarm of midges.