Monday, May 28, 2018

cold bright day (delayed post)

April 6, 2018
Coffee of the Day: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Bird of the Day: Osprey
Invisi-bird Status: No official report yet. Number actually seen by me: zero

Beach Looking South
It was really cold. Visitors were few. There's not a lot of beach left after this winter's ravages. I couldn't really capture in a photo how little space there is between the wrack line and the dunes and how steep the drop off is from the high tide line to the water.

There was not a lot of bird activity except for a large flock of redwinged blackbirds around the gatehouse and Lot 1. My favorite sighting was a lone osprey surveying the fish situation but not catching anything. No sign of piping plovers yet.

Atmospheric conditions were such that Mount Agamenticus was visible today. That's about all I've got to say about today's shift.

Looking Toward Mount Agamenticus