Tuesday, April 3, 2007

as the plover world turns

Wish I'd thought of that as a title about 10 years ago!

The news as the plover world turns:

From the Great Lakes: Alice Van Zoeren has the best job in the world. Color me jealous. I haven't figured out a way to make a living off of piping plovers yet.

From the Hamptons: Residents expect a whole flock of problems again. There's just not enough room on the beach for driving, fishing, private property, and oh yeah, piping plover nests.

And on Cape Cod: They're putting up symbolic fencing today. With lots of pictures. Looks like they have better rope and better posts than we do. Is it possible to have symbolic fencing envy? I also like the ads that Google thinks are relevant to "symbolic fencing" and "piping plover".

Meanwhile, here on the edge of the universe it's cold and rainy with occasional sleet.

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