Saturday, November 22, 2008

news round up

The folks in Ontario are still talking about their piping plover success this past nesting season. Breeding success two years in a row after an absence of nearly 50 years is pretty darn good news. Sticking with the Great Lakes population, some news from Michigan of the failure of the nests at Aronson Island.

Meanwhile on the Atlantic coast, I got a kick out of this column by Paul Mayer of New Smyrna Beach, Florida on birding, migration, and human snowbirds. I like to think of piping plovers as part of the reason for human migration to Florida in the winter to stimulate the economy. Piping plovers as economic stimulus. Yeah! Oh, and piping plovers are one of the attractions at the Great Wass Island Nature Conservancy Preserve in Maine too. And piping plovers were on the agenda a the Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival back in October, too. I'm sensing a definite emergence of the "piping plovers are the cutest things on the planet" meme here. I'm lovin' the idea of the cutest things on the planet as economic stimulus too. Get out your binoculars and scopes and go forth and stimulate the economy!

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