Friday, September 25, 2009

ya just gotta love google

Sometimes Google's idea of relevant ads cracks me up. I recently searched on "piping plover" in Google News and got plenty of relevant hits but the ads, well, go figure:

What did I expect? I ran the Google Adwords keyword tool on this blog and it recommended deep sea fishing. OK, so I do mention fish and fishing but it's surf fishing and the entries that mention fish often even explicitly use the word surfcasting. Maybe it's all the mentions of bait...


Kim said...

LOL regarding the Piping Plover on Amazon. Heck, you can get anything on there, kind of like eBay I guess! ;-)

Yes, I have noticed that too with their adwords. Take a look at your blogger too next time you are making your post entries. They will have ads to the right of it that caters ad content based on the content of your post. Very freaky and somewhat disturbing.

Elizabeth said...

Blogger always cracks me up because it pairs my posts about birding and cockatiels with extermination services for removing and possibly killing birds. Google needs to consider more words than just "bird" in its pairing of content with ads.