Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sandhill cranes!

I had a nice surprise this rainy afternoon: 2 sandhill cranes only 3 miles from my house! They were hanging out with a whole lot of Canada geese in the corn stubble at Barker's Farm. Cranes and geese alike were eating up a storm. One of the cranes picked up a whole ear of corn and started pulling off the husk. It was cold and raining but I hung out and watched for awhile and tried to get some pictures. I went off to the farm stand to buy some corn and tomatoes for myself -- maybe the cranes were making me crave corn -- and mentioned to the woman there that there were two very beautiful sandhill cranes in the corn field. She said she knew about them and other people had mentioned them. After I got my produce (corn, tomatoes, Macoun apple) I went back for another look. The cranes were a tiny bit closer to the road and the rain was a little lighter so I got the above picture. A few other birders came by while I was there.

On the way back home to cook the corn, I met a flock of wild turkeys blocking the road. Quite a birdy day!


dAwN said...

Howdee.. Nice sighting! How exciting.
So how are the Macoun apples? they are my favorite apple..but this year they just dont seem crisp. i have purchased them many places but havent been happy with hoo.

janet said...

The Macouns are great. They are crisper than the ones I bought at from the Farmer's Market at the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival. Must be they're tastier up here north of Boston.