Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday -- a wild goose chase

We were having breakfast at Malachi's in Providence when I happened to check my email. The RIBirds list was reporting a Ross's goose in Bristol. Had to chase it. Just had to.  We checked the Bristol Golf Course at the last place it had been reported.  Lots of Canada geese. No Ross's. Met a few birders looking for it. Met one birder who had seen it on Saturday and brought her husband back to see it Sunday with no luck. 

We checked several other spots on the golf course with no luck. We did find a huge glacial erratic boulder with the most fabulous lichens on it. It was like a huge abstract painting.
We checked Colt State Park, where it had also been seen. Tons of brant. Hordes of them. No Ross's goose.
The brant were very restless, taking off from the giant puddle in big groups, circling out over Narragansett Bay and then landing back on the puddle repeatedly. They had lots of herring gull and ring-billed gull company, as well as a few mallards.

Brant on the wing
Horned Lark
A few horned larks are still around.  They like to hang around on the grass next to the parking lots. 

On the way to check Poppasquash Road for the Ross's goose, we went through Coggeshall Farm where we saw a guy recording video of a cow nursing her calf.  It was a sweet scene but not really enough action for video.
Calf nursing
There were loads more Canada geese and brant on the water along Poppasquash Road, but, you guessed it, no Ross's goose.

A good time was had by all.

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