Tuesday, June 7, 2011

updated numbers

I love it that the refuge staff has gotten way more communicative about the piping plover status this year.

Matt posted updated piping plover numbers on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Complex Facebook page this morning:

 "There are 17 pairs, 11 nests with eggs, and 2 nests that have hatched chicks (one with 4 chicks and one with 3 chicks). There might be even more nests out there that we haven't found yet!"
This is very exciting news, especially since we had some washovers earlier in the season.  It also makes me wonder if the invisi-birds are getting better at hiding their nests.

I hear tell that the least terns I've been seeing are indeed nesting on the island -- dunno if they're on the refuge or at Sandy Point -- so if true that's great news too.

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