Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I got a couple of slightly differing but equally positive reports from refuge staff on the status of my favorite invisi-birds and their neighbors.

As I had mentioned before they did re-nest after the big waves in early June and we have some fledgelings.

The numbers are:

Refuge Beach: Either 23 or 26 pairs, either 16 or 17 nests, zero chicks,  7 fledgelings
Sandy Point Beach: 3 pairs, 2 nests, 4 chicks. One nest was lost to predation at Sandy Point.
Newbury Town Beach: 1 pair, 1 nest.
Still none on the Newburyport town beach (the north end) -- this is a good thing, it's not a great place for plovers to nest or people to build houses (personal opinion based on what I learned about beach "erosion" in oceanography class).

Biological staff confirms that least terns are establishing a colony on the refuge beach -- I assume that's the one I noticed in the general vicinity of Lot 3 -- in addition to the one at Sandy Point.

In case you wondered, I am drinking Ethiopian Sidamo brewed here at my house, but purchased last week at PICR.

In other news, I did indeed write something about the wrack line for The Wrack Line. Stay tuned for the summer issue from the Friends of Parker River NWR.

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