Thursday, August 8, 2013

long overdue update

The weather has not cooperated with my schedule lately. It seems that every time I am on the schedule for Friday morning, or just happen to be available on Friday morning, the day starts out pouring rain. It looks likely that there will be thunderstorms tomorrow morning too. If so, I guarantee that the rain will end around 11:30AM -- just in time for the next shift. Anyway, I have been neglecting the blog. After all, how much is there to say about not going to the beach? Most of these photos are from mid-July, but one can never have enough photos of Parker River NWR, right?
Looking South (July 12)
The invisi-birds have had a very productive season. Picture me doing a happy dance in the rain.
The latest update from biological staff (aka Jim) on August 2 listed 40 fledglings on the refuge beach and 6 at Sandy Point. He also reported 6 active pairs and possibly 5 chicks on the refuge beach.

If you've been following along at home with your own spreadsheet  32 pairs with 40 fledglings gives us 1.25 fledglings per pair. That is an excellent rate of productivity. By the way, I really wish that media coverage of piping plovers measured success by fledglings per pair rather than total number of nests. That's just a pet peeve of mine.

Looking North (July 12)
The least terns have been doing well also, though I don't have numbers. There are still least tern chicks hanging out on the beach. They should  be fledged soon.

Better Than A Stick Fence!
In other news, I like the new plastic posts that can be deployed at low tide. They are  better than a  Big Steve stick fence.

Hooksett Disc

There are still Hooksett discs around. And although I have met visitors from New Hampshire who asked about them, none of the visitors were actually from Hooksett.


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