Tuesday, May 19, 2015

quick post to catch up

Been a little too busy to blog lately. Here are a couple of snippets to keep you interested.

The Daily News did a great article on PRNWR volunteer Lynette Leka: "Getting Acquainted: Parker River refuge volunteer seems to be everywhere." Check it out. And, yes, she actually is everywhere. I personally have seen her in two places at once. :-)

Latest invisi-bird (piping plover) numbers: Refuge 33 pairs, 17 nests;  Sandy Point 6 pairs, 4 nests; Town Beach 2 pairs, 2 nests.

Also, NH Fish and Game reports 6 pairs of piping plovers nesting along Hampton and Seabrook beaches, just to our north. I believe they are marking the areas with symbolic fencing (aka rope) so be on the lookout.

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