Thursday, July 2, 2015

catch-up post 1: June 13

Saturday June 13
AM Shift

Coffee of the Day: French Roast Sumatra
Bird of the Day: common tern
Weird Wrack Item of the Week: tangled pile of netting, rope, sticks, and what looked like a base -- that's base as in baseball, not base as in the opposite of acid
Invisi-bird Status:  Official: Didn't see a report this week. Number actually seen by me: 1

Looking South
It was a quiet day at the beach despite the nice weather. I talked to very few visitors and all the questions were relevant. When has that ever happened? No questions about the renovations at the blue Inn (they really lowercase the b in blue but uppercase the I in Inn). No questions about the construction up near the jetty. Only questions about piping plovers and the beach.

Fair Sailing
One piping plover hung around alternating between feeding at the water line and feeding in the wrack line. Didn't see the other member of this northernmost pair. I hope this means there's a nest and I just missed seeing the change of incubation shifts.

Tangled Pile of Trash In The Wrack
Thankfully, there was not a lot of trash on the beach. Probably the most interesting item I saw was this tangled pile of stuff. It looked like parts of a lobster trap and lots of rope attached to a sandbag. I mentally tried to untangle it in order to figure out how all those things came together, but stopped short of physically untangling it.


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