Saturday, April 22, 2017

quick update

Random Mussel Shells and Stuff
Bird of the Day: turkey vulture

Coffee of the Day: French Roast Sumatra

Weird Wrack Item of the Week: Stay tuned for weird beach trash next week. Due to the rain yesterday, I did not go to the beach.

Invisi-bird Status: Official: Refuge Beach:  29 pairs, 9 singles; Sandy Point: 6 pairs; Town Beach: Newbury: 1pair, Newburyport: 2 pairs. Number actually seen by me: zero because I wasn't there.

My personal turkey vulture has returned to its traditional perch near the parking lot of my condo. The dark-eyed juncos are gone. The world's loudest tufted titmouse is making a racket on my patio. Many red-winged blackbirds are hanging out by the brook (or do you call it a creek) that runs into the Shawsheen along the edge of the condo property.

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