Friday, June 15, 2007

draw your own conclusion but i'm hopping mad

I just read this article about a Ralph Lauren fragrance launch in East Hampton and I am seeing red. Range Rovers on the beach? Driving 30 mph past piping plover nests? Without the requisite permits? Ignoring the plover stewards? You won't catch me buying, wearing, or even going near a single Ralph Lauren item of clothing, home goods, fragrances, or anything else. Ever. What the hell is so important about a "fragrance launch" that they can't respect the law? And what's so urgent about a fragrance launch that they have to drive 30 mph on the beach? The Hamptons sound like a truly frightening place.

BTW, dear readers, I know I owe you an entry for last Saturday's rain-soaked plover warden shift. The press of affairs both in and out of gray cubicles has gotten in the way of my true calling. Fear not, there will be an entry for last weekend tomorrow. Then we'll see about this weekend, since I'm not actually on the schedule and have a lot on my plate (metaphorically).

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Mary Ann said...

I just discovered your site through a link on I agree with your comment about Ralph Loren's fragrance launch. I won't be buying their stuff.
I love Plum Island and all it's natural beauty. I hope the plover population is expanding.