Friday, July 20, 2007

boundary moved to lot 6

Belated entry for July 14 (been a heckuva busy week).

The boundary moved to Lot 6. Gatehouse told me that Frank and the refuge manager had moved the buoys and rope to the new boundary but he didn't know if they had actually set it up. I drove down there expecting that I might have to run the rope and buoys down to the water but everything was in place when I got there.

It was an easy day. If I'd had one less visitor or one more piping plover things would have been equal. Four visitors and three piping plovers. One of said plovers is pictured here. Note the lack of head stripe, incomplete neck ring, and abundance of white on this guy. A first year bird. So what do you suppose it thinks is on the other side of that rope? Eventually all three piping plovers converge on the open area of beach and fly off together calling peep-lo. What a treat.

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