Thursday, July 5, 2007

human signpost

Birding with Moleskine
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Tuesday was a glorious beach day -- plenty of sun, cool breeze, not too crowded. Despite the fact that there were lots of visitors on the beach I only spoke with two people. I mostly functioned as a human signpost. Joggers along the water line would look up, see me, and turn around. Parents would point at the sign then at me and get their kids to turn around. Hmm, is a plover warden symbolic fencing? :-) Actually, it seemed like I was acting as evidence that "they really mean it" -- not only are there signs and rope but a real person to enforce it.

Bird action was very quiet. The four usual gull species hung out on the sand: Bonaparte's, ringbilled, herring, and great black back. A few cormorants bobbed on the waves, diving intermittently. A seal swam by. I got my first greenhead bite of the season but was not otherwise plagued by the winged jaws of July.

Gatehouse Donald says the three remaining active nests should hatch soon. I did not see any chicks or adults on Tuesday. Although the nests are closer to the north boundary, I tend to see more piping plovers at the south. The nests, including the least tern colony, are concentrated in the general vicinity of lots 2 and 3.

As you can see from the photo, my list of bird sightings for the day was very short. I am next scheduled for the 14th.

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