Saturday, May 3, 2008

invisi-birds remain invisible

There were about 2 1/2 hours in which it was not raining today so I spent them guarding the south boundary for the invisi-birds. I met 5 visitors, all of whom were nice and were not trespassers (unlike the previous couple of weeks). And yes, there really is a radio in the lock box this week.

The wind is blowing from the east, making it very cold. First coffee of the day is Kenya AA, which I drink on the beach as is my wont. The only birds in sight are double-crested cormorants, herring gulls, and some scoter-shaped beings too far away to identify as they bob up and down in the surf. What people come around either stare out to sea with scopes or photograph each other and the rocks. My highlight bird of the day is a distant northern gannet.

Second cup of coffee is Boatyard Brew. Also in the boatyard in search of coffee are Unit 3 and Big Steve. Whoa! Cool beans. They join me briefly before heading off to Hudson Marine for stuff to anchor the buoys. Great to see Unit 3 after the long dark cold winter. She reports that there are in fact 2 nests on the refuge beach. Cool. There are also the usual nests at Sandy Point . The invisi-birds are getting about their invisible business

I dropped the new binoculars in the sand today, so now everything I own is full of sand. I think the inside of my head is full of sand. It's full of stuff I keep meaning to write about, but I must get going on the rest of the day's errands.

Note new enhancement to blog added last night: Twitter updates. Now you can follow my adventures on and off the beach in short, pithy, bursts.

As always, if anybody has a sure fire system for differentiating the three scoter species when they're far away and under water, let me know.

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