Thursday, June 5, 2008

Common Tern

Common Tern
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We got in a good fix of watching the common tern colony at Bold Point in Providence on Sunday. Lots of bringing of fish, a little tern sex, some mobbing of gulls and no sign of the evil black crowned night herons who usually wait underneath the thing formerly known as a barge. Even with the 12x zoom I can't really get good pix of these guys. The one shown perched on a piling very close to shore so was captureable with the magic of digital zoom on top of the 12x optical zoom.

Insert smooth segue to piping plovers.

Here's this season's first report of chicks on Cape Cod. They're always way ahead of us up here in the north.

And here's a short bit from Rich Eldred at The Cape Codder. It says to check back for more on plovers from Eldred.

And don't forget those plucky plover pairs in Ontario.

Check back here for more on the invisible birds of Plum Island.

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Boomer Chick said...

Hi Janet! Thank you for the comment at Boomer Chick. I think you're right...those weren't piping plovers, were they? Omg, now I have to figure out what they are, lol.