Saturday, June 7, 2008

update on the numbers

Here are the piping plover and least tern numbers from the refuge and Sandy Point as of yesterday's survey (June 6):

Piping Plovers
Adult Singles
Refuge: 2
Sandy Point: 2
Total: 4

Adult Pairs
Refuge: 5
Sandy Point: 5
Total: 10

Nests incubated
Refuge: 1
Sandy Point: 2
Total: 3

Nests hatched
Refuge: 1
Sandy Point: 0
Total: 1

Chicks <25 days old
Refuge: 4
Sandy Point: 0
Total: 4

There were no chicks 25 days or older.

Least Terns
Refuge: 8
Sandy Point: 0
Total: 8

According to the notes 3 nests on the refuge and 2 at Sandy Point were washed over at the last high tide cycle. Survey from June 2 noted the 3 new nests on the refuge beach that were right at the high tide line and may be expected to get washed over. Also, one nest at Sandy Point was predated by a fox.

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