Saturday, August 9, 2008

news round up

As the season winds down and fledglings and adults gather to migrate I start to get "empty nest syndrome" not to mention lack of interesting stories about not seeing piping plovers. Anyway, it's time for another news roundup, so here goes:

From New Brunswick: Nelson Poirier at the Times & Transcript has a nice article about the "ghost birds" and their habitat. I especially like the photo of the carved piping plover. It really captures the ghostliness.

From Michigan: The Bay Mills News describes the roles of multi-agency
partnerships and private landowners in saving the Midwest population. They also do captive-rearing out there, something we don't do here.

From New Jersey: This Star Ledger article about black skimmers mentions that they have the same sandy beach nesting habits as piping plovers and least terns but they at least have adapted to nesting on offshore islands away from the human beach traffic.

From Ontario: The folks in Ontario continue to be very excited and happy about their piping plovers at Sauble Beach. Check out this article from The Record. Sweet chick photo accompanies article.

That's it from the Land of Gulls and Radios for today. Stay tuned for birding adventures in other parts of New England during fall and winter -- and maybe some reminiscences of birding adventures or non-adventures past just to keep myself motivated.

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