Saturday, August 16, 2008

oh my

Apparently Birdchick has inspired Birdorable to add a piping plover thong to their clothing line. I could never pull off wearing a thong, but I'm not averse to sending one to Dirk Kempthorne. The proposed changes to the endangered species act are absurd. Let every guvmint agency decide for itself what impacts its projects would have on wildlife? Can you say fox guarding the hen house, boys and girls? I knew you could.

Unrelated odd realization: I had more readers when I was posting stuff about piping plovers on my own website than I do since I moved over to blogger. At least my three remaining readers (not counting Unit 3 or Unit 61) still get a kick out of it. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm still trying to catch up with my life after the year of the dying in-laws.

So did I go birding today between thunderstorms? No. I went to Lowe's in Haverhill and bought two new air conditioners and a new storm door for the back of my condo. Today was Massachusetts sales tax holiday. Supposedly not charging sales tax for a day stimulates the local economy. I guess that would be true if my local hardware store had the stuff I need or Lowe's were local or something. Anyway, I am frantically preparing to have tons of work done on my condo on Monday to make up for the neglect over the past few years. If you think I've neglected birding, you should see the condition my storm door and airconditioners are in, never mind the back yard and the gate (which are not on Monday's agenda). I've been neglecting clothes shopping too. You should see the jeans I have on (well maybe not). I'm sure piping plover boxers would fit the bill until I get some unholy jeans.

Depressed? Who me?

Back to searching vainly for a glimpse of Xiangshan in the Olympic coverage.

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