Wednesday, August 19, 2009

catch-up #3: Lowell Folk Festival (July 26)

Still upriver in Lowell. Must get St. George's Orthodox Church recipe for loubiyeh. Also discovered awesome collard greens and cornbread and good ice cream and other great food without even venturing over to the Portuguese War Veterans booth for the fava beans. Both Nancy and I have been chasing the best favas of Portuguese festas throughout southeastern New England this summer but we're too full of other fabulous ethnic foods to chase them today.

Genticorum from Quebec (July 26)

Kid in a tree listening to Alash (July 26)

Niamh NĂ­ Charra on Concertina (July 26)

Here we are, still upriver in Lowell. Sky getting very dark. Wind changing. Predicted thunderstorms approaching. Off to the John Street garage before the heavens open up. Sure enough, we watch the deluge start as we ride the glass fronted elevator to the top of the garage. I guess that's all the music for us today. Simply must get St. George's Orthodox Church recipe for loubiyeh.

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