Wednesday, April 7, 2010

memory lane

I've been trying to push myself to take advantage of being unemployed and get out there to realize some of my birding dreams. So this morning I was looking for birding tours to the Danube Delta in Romania. That's been on my list for ages. That and the fact that I've been tracking down obsolete MacIntosh parts for my Hungarian dendrologist friends, reminded me that I'd lost the email address and URL for the wonderful Hungarian ornithologist who guided me to my life great bustard (Otis tarda). Looking them up started a reverie down memory lane: Otis tarda, Peteri Lake, ferruginous duck, my ongoing inability to ever see a black woodpecker...

So, for nostalgia sake, here are two memorable past entries worth a second look:

April 29, 2001 Endurance Birding

April 30, 2001 Extreme Birding

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