Sunday, January 30, 2011


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The icicles on my house.

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Hilary Koeller said...

Wow those are impressive icicles!

In case you are interested, or would like to let your readers know, Mass Audubon has our free annual Focus on Feeders Weekend coming up on Feb. 5 & 6. This event you can participate in from the warmth (and safety!) of your own home.

In a nutshell, we ask people to fill out a simple form noting the number and diverse species of birds visiting a backyard feeder. All of those who submit reports will be entered into a random drawing contest for free prizes. We’re also encouraging people to submit their wildlife photos (can be any animal species) and we will award prizes in several different categories.

It helps us to track trends in abundance and distribution patterns of birds. We’ve run this fun event for 40 years now and over time have collected quite an interesting database of information.

For more information or to download a reporting form, please visit:

Thanks for helping us spread the word among your friends.


Hilary Koeller
Communications Assistant