Monday, January 17, 2011

windy day on narragansett bay

It was windy at Colt State Park in Bristol this afternoon. Bird activity was mostly on the water or on the ground, not a lot of flying. The herring gulls were mostly clustered in one spot on the snow just kind of loafing like they do on the sand in summer. Many rock pigeons were huddled in among the herring gulls. Horned larks, tree sparrows, dark-eyed juncos, and snow buntings were foraging along the edges of the parking lots and the road and sometimes even on the snow. A flock of a few hundred brant surfed the waves close to shore.

I wonder what horned larks did before parking lots.

Horned lark walking around on the snow
Every once in awhile a herring gull would leave the main flock.

Antisocial gull
A tanker went by.

Headed for Providence Harbor

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