Tuesday, April 19, 2011

too windy

Even with my hot cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in hand, the wind coming off the water was so fierce that I was freezing cold. I only lasted an hour on the beach. There was nobody around, so I'm sure the piping plovers were safe without me. 

Coffee of the Day: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Bird of the Day: long-tailed duck
Invisi-bird status: they are here and have been seen but not by me
Wierd Wrack Item of the Day: Hooksett disc (OK, it's getting to be normal.)

We got a new sign since last week. Maybe if people see how cute the chicks are, they'll be more inclined to respect the beach closure. Not sure signage works for dogs though.
New signage

Yeah, they're still showing up in th wrack.
I would have listed these blue barrels as wrack item of the day but they weren't on the beach. They were floating around in the marsh and in the Plum Island River. I saw one on the road near the Joppa Flats Mass Audubon center too. I don't know if they originated in the road and washed into the river or vice versa.

A blue barrel in the Great Marsh
Another blue barrel in the Great Marsh
Blue barrel #1 drifted in a lot closer
Yikes! They're in the marsh too.

Cleansing shot of salt marsh hay

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