Tuesday, August 2, 2011

unnatural wrack items galore

Coffee of the Day: Panama
Bird of the Day: piping plover
Invisi-Bird Status: As of 8/1/11: Refuge beach: 4 chicks, 30 fledged. Sandy Point: 10 fledged. Town beach: 1 fledged. Number actually seen by me on Friday: 3 adults.
Weird Wrack Item of the Week: a "missing" sunbather (see below)  technically not a wrack item, but very weird
Working on the Boardwalk at Lot 6
So as of Friday morning, they were still working on the boardwalk repairs at Lot 6. It's always going to be ready "tomorrow".  Actually, since I'm not getting around to writing this until Tuesday (hey, Lowell Folk Festival and semi-annual trip to Mass Eye and Ear take precedence over blogging) the boardwalk work is probably really finished. 

Rain was predicted so the beach wasn't really busy and the walk from Lot 7 to Lot 6 gave me plenty of weird and wonderful wrack items. Also several species of peeps hiding out in the wrack -- yes, the shorebird migration is in full swing with dunlins, semipalmated sandpipers, semipalmated plovers, and all manner of small brown shorebirds lurked among the bladder wrack, kelp, Irish moss, beach grass, driftwood and other normal wrack components. Someday I've really gotta do an entry about the wrack line.

Weird Wrack Item of the Week
The sign says "Attention - Nude sunbathing at Sandy Point".  I had a good laugh picturing the sunbather being eaten down to skeleton by greenheads on the way to Sandy Point.  There was more amazing junk all over the place: plastic toys, one of those huge blue barrels that I saw in the river several weeks ago, tons of Hooksett discs, long pieces of  unidentified yellow plastic, a bowling pin...
bowling pin

blue barrel

long, half-buried, strip of yellow plastic

plastic army man
Gee, I got so carried away with all the strange wrack items, there's no room left for the cool natural things I found.  Definite fodder for another entry soon.

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