Friday, October 26, 2012

before the storm

As you might expect, the Boston media are on Plum Island covering preparation for Hurricane Sandy.  The beach scraping is underway. Also underway is the "we better go say goodbye to Plum Island" panic. Here's a sampling of the coverage as of tonight's news shows:

Victoria Block on WHDH -- I love that Alex Hasapis of Plum Island Airport is wearing his UFO cap as he talks about the tie-downs. For those unfamiliar with it, UFO stands for United Flying Octogenarians.

Eileen Curran on NECN -- This features Peter Judge from MEMA recommending basic precautions like bringing your lawn furniture inside. Note, this clip is from earlier this morning, when the beach scraping permit had not yet been issued.

Newburyport Daily News -- Fear of another "perfect storm". -- Mentions clearing Plum Island storm drains and removing dune walkovers.


dAwN said...

Stay safe! Hope Plum fares well!

Janet Egan said...

The refuge is open and there's no damage. The beach erosion was actually less than in the June storm.