Thursday, November 1, 2012

coverage of the Jamestown wood sandpiper

Jamestown, Rhode Island had an unusual avian visitor, a wood sandpiper. I had half a plan to try for it on Sunday before Superstorm Sandy, figuring I could combine rarity chasing with checking out the pre-storm big waves at Beavertail. The plan didn't come together for various storm-prep reasons but I just had to do a roundup of the press coverage:
Bird watchers descend on Rhode Island for rare sighting -- Hindustan Times
Visitors flock to see rare bird -- Providence Eyewitness News
Birders flock to island for rare find-- Jamestown Press
Birders flock to Jamestown to see rare sandpiper -- Providence Journal
Rare Bird Attracts Crowds to Jamestown-- EcoRI News

The only news organization outside of Rhode Island that picked up the story was the Hindustan Times!

And yes, 3 of the five headlines said "flock". When is the media going to stop this flocking madness?

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