Saturday, August 9, 2014

another quick post

I don't have any new piping plover numbers yet, but it's looking like the remaining chicks will have fledged by the end of next week.


I had a busy shift yesterday but everybody was nice. No hostile people.

There are no stripers.

Invisible Fisherman Fishing for Invisible Stripers

Semipalmated sandpipers, semipalmated plovers, and least sandpipers are taking over the world. Or at least the beach. Huge numbers have been arriving over the past few days. The fall shorebird migration has begun.

There will be stories. It's not that I don't have cool stories to tell. It's that I don't have time to write them. But then, if I don't write, you all won't read, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, you all should go out and get Doug Chickering's book: Reflections on a Golden-winged Warbler. Doug writes in a vastly different style from mine and still wears the old blue mesh refuge volunteer hat -- mine disintegrated years ago and I like the gray cotton one I have now way better. Oh, and he apparently never has writer's block.

Link for Doug's book:

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