Saturday, August 2, 2014

quick update

Piping plover numbers from Jean:
Refuge: 25 pair, 32 chicks, 40 fledgelings; Sandy Point: 4 pair, 1 nest, 10 chicks; Town beach: 2 pair, 1 nest, 1 chick.

Week before last: I realized that herring gulls are the essential binding force of the universe. Hitherto, I believed it was either cat hair or coffee.

Last week: a state police helicopter buzzed the least tern colony.

Yesterday: I talked to 17 visitors - 15 very nice and interested in piping plovers and 2 weirdo trespassers. Nobody threw anything at my head (or any other part of my body) this week. No state police helicopters buzzed the least tern colony.  No unusual tern sightings, except that I finally saw my first roseate tern of the season -- they've been around, not sure why I hadn't seen any.

Backlog of fascinating entries about gulls in fado music and about state police helicopter buzzing least tern colony is accumulating.

Blogger burnout and plover warden burnout are beginning to set in.

The Eye of the Ringbill is upon You

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