Monday, September 12, 2011

remembering good times birding with a friend

Long time readers of previous incarnations of this blog may remember my tales of birding with Hungarian friends: Peteri Lake, our search for Otis tarda, and the Tisza River. Maci, with whom I shared those adventures (and others), passed away last week.  She was a remarkable lady and I will never forget her. She was already 80+ when we shared these adventures. That Otis tarda was a life bird for both of us, and the last time I saw her in Budapest, she lit up remembering it.
So, in remembrance of Maci, here are some links to our adventures:


total eclipse -- in which we watch a total solar eclipse from her garden at Lake Balaton.


endurance birding -- in which we deliver an ornithologist to Peteri Lake, go birding there, eat fish soup on the puszta, and see our life Otis tarda.

extreme birding -- in which we fail to find black woodpecker and pygmy cormorant and I fall off a cliff looking at a ferruginous duck.

francia krémes -- in which we bring Maci pastries, meet her pet turtle, and admire her evergreen oak.


hello -- in which I have coffee with Maci and reminisce about our birding adventures. This was the last time I saw her.

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Dawn Fine said...

Sorry for the loss of you friend. May you wonderful memories make you smile.