Monday, September 26, 2011

Working Waterfront Festival -- Day 2

Sunday in New Bedford was slightly less humid and much less gray. There were far more visitors. The Foodways stage with its Seafood Throwdown outdrew all the musicians, authors, and demos.  We enjoyed Portuguese fado, folk songs from Maine, sea chanteys from Virginia, humor, and more poetry. I regretted that we had to choose between fabulous music and a panel discussion on navigation from dead reckoning to GPS. So much good stuff, so little time. We did manage to visit the Baker Books tent and pick up a few books.

Ana Vinagre Ensemble

Dave Rowe

Chopped Clams

Northern Neck Chantey Singers take their turn at the Humor and Hardship song circle

So much to say about such a wonderful festival, but there's this whole Red Sox Yankees Rays thing to shift my attention to.

Sky less gray over the tug Jaguar

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