Sunday, May 9, 2010

rainy Saturday

Coffee of the Day: Sumatra
Bird of the Day: snowy egret (maybe we should call it rainy egret)
Weird Wrack Item of the Day: nothing in particular
Coast Guard Assets Sighted: none
Invisi-bird Status: no new information. I asked Big Steve at the Gatehouse if he had any new info but he only knew about the rumored ones at Sandy Point -- my pair near the .1 mile marker were news to him.

On Saturday thunderstorms and other exciting weather forms did a good job of keeping people, including scheduled plover wardens, off the beach. Nevertheless, when, from my perch at the counter of The Fish Tale, I saw clearing to the east (briefly) I headed out to the island. As referenced above, I chatted with Steve for a bit, then went off to see what birds I could see without getting too wet. I'm told there were a lot of warbler species along the Hellcat trail but the heavens opened up when I got there so I skipped warblers and went for drive-by species. Of which there were way more snowy egrets and song sparrows than any of my recent visits.

The rain made it hard to get good egret pictures but conversely made it much easier to get good bluet pictures. The bluets look so much more blue in the rain.

Non-sequitur regarding the conversations at The Fish Tale: I was disappointed that nobody was talking about the early arrival of the stripers. The major topic of conversation among the breakfast crowd was the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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