Monday, May 3, 2010

some pictures of Sandy Point

Close up of some nicely arranged rocks at Sandy Point
Belated entry for Friday:
Coffee of the Day: Ethiopian Harrar
Bird of the Day: Sharp-shinned hawk
Weird Wrack Item of the Day: identifiable slimy squishy thing
Coast Guard Assets: none spotted
Invisi-Bird Status: Hmm, sighted both refuge biological staff and state park people out there looking for nests.

I spent a long afternoon hanging out on the refuge just taking in the scene. I couldn't look up without seeing a sharp-shinned hawk. At one point, I got out of my car at the Pines Trail and a sharpie flew right over my head -- naked eye id distance for sure. Later on I found out the hawk watch people at Lot 1 observed a major movement of sharpies that day.

It's always interesting to see how much of the stuff that washes down the Merrimack after a flood gets into the longshore current and ends up on Sandy Point. I took way more pictures of wooden beams with rusty hardware sticking out of them than I'm posting here. Beams with hardware are one thing, but logs with hardware? Whatever those things are sticking out of this log, they make it look a pig.

Log looking like a pig
Quite a hunk of driftwood!

I think this is part of a boardwalk or a staircase.

I have no idea what this next thing is. At first I thought it was some kind of segmented worm. Then I thought it was some form of excrement. Or maybe a very wet cigar? I hereby designate it weird wrack item of the month.
What is this weird segmented thing in the wrack?

This nest is right next to the outhouse at the edge of the Sandy Point Parking lot.

Nest with blue stripe

Art installation?

Bluets along the Sandy Point road

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